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Sougat Nandy

Sougat is a Vaastu Consultant, having experience of over 21 years as a Vastu Consultant. He has a team of 10 professionals who actively work with him, from whom he takes assistance as and when required like Land Surveyors, Geographic Scientists, Astrologers, Satellite Based Survey Reports, etc.

His primary services include Vastu consultation of all kinds of residential, commercial & land projects, Cosmo Energy Audit, Supernatural Powers Detection and Remedies, D – Forces Detection and Remedies, Layout Planning (Advice to Architects), Geopathic Stress Detection & Neutralization, EMR detections & neutralization, Latest Pyramid Technology, Nano Pyramids, Crystals, Thermal balancing, Metal & Crystal Idols, Colour Vastu, Aroma Vastu & Yantras. He uses vedic and scientific vastu for enhancement of energy and also does aura scanning.

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