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Shri Purushottam Guruji Sugavkar

Shri Purushottam Guruji Sugavkar is a Vedic Astrologer having experience of over 12 years. Talking about his education, he has completed his studies of Yajurveda at “Shruti Smruti Vidyapeeth” in Trimbakeshwar (Nashik). Shri Sugavkar ji has also done Masters in Computer Application as per modern education system.

Shri Sugavkar Ji Says, “Learning six parts of Yajurveda is difficult. In fact reciting Vedas itself is difficult. Inspite of that with the blessings of my Guruji I have completed my studies by staying in the Vidyapeeth for 8 years. We had lived like mendicants and have to depend on alms served. It was not easy to stay there with no amenities.  After reciting complete Vedas, we have to appear for exams and I have passed with first class and have been conferred with the degree “Ved- Kovid”. While studying Vedas I got attracted towards JyotishShastra (Astrology). I have learned basics of Jyotisha in my school itself. Then I continued with that and also received Jyotish Visharad with first class. I have cleared the exams but studies are still going on and will never end“

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